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Featured articles from the entire Lampstand Communication website. Pertinant stories, prophecies, teaching also featured books deals from our authors in the Re-Store from around the world. The apostolic kingdom fathering age of God. Lampstand Communication featured key topics are what the Spirit of God is saying today for Gods Kingdom people of tomorrow.


The Seven Mountains of Influence

The Church must be a positive agent of change (The Seven Mountains of Influence) and transformation in the community. We are a Governmental Church so the people of God must rise and take their place in the society as God’s agent. There is what is known today as the Seven Mountains of Influence (The Seven Mountains of Influence) and the nations of the earth are influenced and changed through these Seven Mountains. For good or evil they...


Famine for Hearing Truth

Famine for Hearing Truth is an important message that will shift principalities and powers and so it must be put to text. This word of the Lord is upon my heart because this is an important season of transition in the Kingdom of God. For 30 years ministries have been saying it’s a new season but they haven’t told us what’s new, you don’t take the old and dress it up in new clothes and call...


Zions Hope in the Valley of Achor

Zions Hope in the Valley of Achor, we’ve seen that the life and times of David are a prophetic picture of what God is doing in the church today. We have moved on from the Joshua generation. Joshua didn’t take all of the land as he never got to Zion. He never got as far as the Tabernacle of David. When David took over, he began to take Israel a lot, lot further. We are now...


The Earth and The World

The Earth and The World : The WORLD if you read scriptures very carefully is a spiritual dimension. The EARTH is the natural realm. Nations and Kingdoms of the EARTH are currently under rule by a spiritual realm known in the bible as the WORLD. Many places in the word of God the two meanings/words are used in the same sentence or phrase. Hence they are two different things. If you can get this revelation in your mind and...


Bill Britton eBooks Free

Bill Britton eBooks Free The below eBooks by Bill Britton are available for download free of charge, as Bill Britton always insisted his books and booklets be free when they were in hard copy, so we retain his heart and vision in digital format.  Simply follow the links below to the download pages for each eBook required. Few men dare to impact the Church with such sweeping passion as Bill Britton. Here was a man who was consumed with...


Bible Study Book of Ezekiel Part 1

Online Bible Study began on 05/05/2022 – Subscribe to our podcast. The Book of Ezekiel Bible Study by Bill Britton series that is still relevant for todays disciples. These messages were first recorded in the early 1980’s on reel to reel, then transferred to cassette and lately digitised. We now make this series conveniently available for modern mobile streaming devices for podcasting, just subscribe on our Podcast pages. Some of the truths found in this series...