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The Seven Mountains of Influence

The Seven Mountains of Influence, the Church must be a positive agent of change (The Seven Mountains of Influence) and transformation in the community. We are a Governmental Church so the people of God must rise and take their place in the society as God’s agent. There is what is known today as the Seven Mountains of Influence (The Seven Mountains of Influence) and the nations of the earth are influenced and changed through these Seven Mountains. For good or evil they are affected and a recent example of these mountains...


Kingdoms of this World

Kingdoms of this World : Some years ago I received the teaching about the need for the Christ (body of the Lord Jesus) to invade the 7 spheres of influence (Kingdoms) in the world. Revelation 13:15 shows us that the kingdoms of the world that have been influenced by the kingdom of darkness are to become the kingdom’s of The Lord, and of His Christ. This can’t happen until there is judgement by God’s authority. To exercise this God given authority His appointed ones must first be positioned into one of the...


Discipling Nations

Discipling Nations by Michael Avery. When the Lord announces a change of season in the earth, it is always proceeded by a prophetic new word for that new season. This can be verified by biblical examples in scripture. Some of the many examples in scripture we can connect my statement above to would be Moses, Joshua, many prophets (old testament). One outstanding example would of course be the prophet John (John the Baptist) of the new testament. Jesus recognised a change in the season for his own life and was...