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Garden of God by Bill Britton

Garden of God by Bill Britton. Facts are facts. And they are true. But in addition to being true, facts can be cold, hard, unloving and unkind. It is a fact that the Sons of god will have power. But power in itself can be cold and hard and ruthless. There are some who would like to have power over devils and sickness and afflictions for the express purpose of making them a great minister, without having any real compassion for the needs of the people. They are like Simon...


A Parable of True Riches

A Parable of True Riches, Two men were going through a dark forest one night when they heard a cry for help. They were on a long journey, with only a certain amount of time to complete it, and they were in a hurry. The path they were on was narrow, and rather hard to follow. They pondered the question as to whether or not they should answer the cry for help. It might be a trap. Or they might get lost in the dark forest. They would lose a...