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Who are You?

Who are You? by George H. Warnock, This writing is about SPIRITUAL WARFARE, but with particular reference to the Day of the LORD, that great Day of God Almighty, when God assembles all the hordes of evil together in open confrontation with Him who is called “Faithful and True,” who leads the armies of Heaven into battle. I do not write on a regular basis, but only as I feel definitely impressed of the Lord to do so. Therefore I have confidence that God has a people out there who are going to be helped and encouraged and challenged by this...


The Vision and the Appointment

The Vision and the Appointment by George H. Warnock – God’s appointments for us are generally not as we anticipated, because we just know that God is over extending His time! He is always too late. What are You waiting for? You must know that Your people are in great distress now, and still You wait! If You would just come now, You could change things. This has been the cry of God’s people in all generations. The Vision and the Appointment But God does not spend time reasoning with us, because He knows we are not capable of understanding what...


The Hyssop that Springeth out of the Wall

The Hyssop that Springeth out of the Wall by George H. Warnock, Many times I have discovered the will of God to be just as simple as this. I think our main problem with the will of God is the thought that God only cares about the great and the mighty happenings… everything else we fret and strive about ourselves. We have to come to that place when the will of God is like the air we breathe… it just comes naturally as we desire to serve Him and obey the still small voice of His Spirit, And so I walk...


Tent to Temple

Tent to Temple by George H. Warnock, The purpose of this study, and the title itself, are intended to show how God would progressively move “from one tent to another” as He sought to lead His people into a higher relationship with Himself; and would then consummate His purposes by moving from the lowly “tent” to a glorious “Temple” as He took up His permanent habitation in the hearts of men. This had always been God’s plan, and the only reason He instituted and ordained previous temples was to provide for His people a place where they could draw nigh to...


Kingdom Baptism

Kingdom Baptism – This podcast is titled “Kingdom Baptism” ministered by David Clemetson from the USA. David Clemetson hails from Jamaica, he ministered this message from the lectern at Blessed Hope, Melbourne Victoria. All Mp3 files are recorded in parts up to 90 minutes in duration and a series may include multiple files. Our recordings can be played on any type of PC, Laptop, Android or Mac. Other teaching message’s can be found on our podcast, you will also find all sermons categorised at the Resource Store at the Lampstand Communication web site.


Feed My Sheep

Feed My Sheep by George H. Warnock, As the title of this book would suggest, it is an appeal especially to those who are called of God to minister to the “sheep of His pasture.” But we would encourage the sheep to read it also, for they need to know the things that are written here. Besides, as we shall observe later on, there is no difference between a sheep and a shepherd, as far as their character is concerned. For God’s true shepherds are sheep before they become shepherds; and they continue to be sheep AFTER they have become shepherds....