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Promised to Sons and Daughters

Promised to Sons and Daughters – You are a son [or daughter] of God, begotten by the Holy Spirit, a child of the Promise. You have been given the Birthright with all of the blessings of heaven and earth at your disposal, to be used in accordance with the divine plan that the Spirit is outworking in the earth daily. As part of the Body of Christ, positioned under the Head, you have been given all authority in both heaven and in earth. It is your calling to have dominion over the...


The Body of Christ The House Not Made with Hands

The Body of Christ The House not made with hands by George R Hawtin When the renowned poet, Sir Walter Scott, lay dying, he said to his servant, “Bring me the Book.” “But, Sir Walter,” replied the servant, “there are twenty thousand books in your library. Which one do you wish me to bring?” “There is only one Book,” replied Sir Walter; and without hesitation the servant brought him the Bible. No book ever written can be compared to the Bible, for this is the word of God. It does not...


Bill Britton The Completed Body of Christ

Bill Britton The Completed Body of Christ, The Body of Christ refers to the collective group of believers in Jesus Christ, who are considered to be spiritually connected and united as a single organism. This concept is based on the teachings of the New Testament in the Bible, particularly in the letters written by the apostle Paul. (Bill Britton) According to these teachings, when an individual accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they become part of the Body of Christ, which is also referred to as the Church. This...