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The Epistle to the Hebrews

The Epistle to the Hebrews by Dr Vincent G Valentyn, Followers of Christ have suffered persecution throughout history. Stolen property, beatings, imprisonment and martyrdom have been the fate of countless Christians. For those of us who aren’t suffering in these ways, it’s hard to imagine the temptations that persecution brings. Christians who live in peace and safety often compromise their faith even without threats. But can you imagine how tempting it would be to compromise what you believe to protect yourself, your spouse, your children and your closest friends from...


Apostolic Prophetic Church

Apostolic Prophetic Church forming a sent one. I would like to dedicate this writing to our late apostle, John M Boney. I knew John for over 40 years. He was a precious brother, a good friend, and a faithful servant of the Lord. He was the embodiment of what this scripture means. “There was a man sent from God, whose name was John” A true apostle of Jesus Christ. I am eternally grateful for all he imparted into my life. Ephesians 2:19 Now therefore ye are no more strangers and...


Famine for Hearing Truth

Famine for Hearing Truth is an important message that will shift principalities and powers and so it must be put to text. This word of the Lord is upon my heart because this is an important season of transition in the Kingdom of God. For 30 years ministries have been saying it’s a new season but they haven’t told us what’s new, you don’t take the old and dress it up in new clothes and call it new. It’s still old, but it’s new when heaven declares something new, because...


Zions Hope in the Valley of Achor

Zions Hope in the Valley of Achor, we’ve seen that the life and times of David are a prophetic picture of what God is doing in the church today. We have moved on from the Joshua generation. Joshua didn’t take all of the land as he never got to Zion. He never got as far as the Tabernacle of David. When David took over, he began to take Israel a lot, lot further. We are now living in the Davidic generation and we are on our way to Zion to...


The Earth and The World

The Earth and The World by Michael Avery, these 2 words in the bible mean 2 different things in certain places. The EARTH is the natural realm like the trees and landscape, the WORLD if you read scriptures very carefully is the spiritual dimension. The word of God clearly explains this however it is not taught to Gods people. Nations are in the EARTH, Kingdoms are in the WORLD. The political sphere in the earth currently is under the rule by a usurper who rules from and lives in the...


Discipling Nations

Discipling Nations by Michael Avery. When the Lord announces a change of season in the earth, it is always proceeded by a prophetic new word for that new season. This can be verified by biblical examples in scripture. Some of the many examples in scripture we can connect my statement above to would be Moses, Joshua, many prophets (old testament). One outstanding example would of course be the prophet John (John the Baptist) of the new testament. Jesus recognised a change in the season for his own life and was...