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Lampstand Communication refers to an ancient form of communication that involves the use of a lampstand or similar object to convey a message or signal. This method of communication was commonly used in ancient times before the invention of modern technologies such as telephones and radios.

In lampstand communication, a lamp or candle is placed on a stand and manipulated in a specific manner to convey different messages. For example, different arrangements or movements of the lamp may represent specific letters, words, or signals that can be understood by those familiar with the system.

This form of communication was often used for long-distance signaling or sending messages across distances. It required both the sender and receiver to have a shared understanding of the lampstand communication system.

Lampstand Communication was primarily used for military or navigational purposes, such as sending signals to ships at sea or communicating between military outposts. However, it could also be used for more general-purpose communication between individuals or groups.

Today, lampstand communication is considered outdated and has been largely replaced by more advanced technologies. However, it still holds historical significance and is sometimes used in performances or reenactments to demonstrate ancient communication methods.

Our Story

After many years working as a mariner and sea captain I now serve as a Co-Elder in a Church family situated in northern Victoria of Australia. Whilst working as a mariner I took one of the very early laptops to sea with me to understand and embrace the technological change that was coming to communication with the event of computers.

There are many areas in internet technology in which one can be come proficient. Not having the opportunity to be taught coding at school, I began tinkering with early web design and coding software as a hobby.

I built a personal website and before long local businesses in the area approached me to build websites for them. This grew over a five year period to the point where I recognised the potential to have a post maritime career.

I moved back to Broome Western Australia and lectured in Maritime studies at the local technical and further education college (TAFE), managing both tasks at the same time honed my skills in servers and IT.

Whilst in Broome I was approached to minister at an international conference of church leaders in South Africa. This was the beginning of a new relationship with an international church family who had a deeper understanding about purpose and  Kingdom of God as Jesus preached.

As part of that family now, I travelled the earth both ministering and recording the Kingdom of God message. My passion is to distribute this message to disciples through out the earth using internet age (the clay in the book of Daniel) as the medium.

PS. I am still tinkering….!

We thank the Lord for the Emmanuel Ministries International household of faith in whom we are apart.

Video and Audio

Over the years we have attended some specific meetings and teachings about the Kingdom Age that we did not want to loose. Many ministry partners wanted us to record. We make those recordings available to others here on this website as an archive of the current move underway in the body of Christ.

PDF eBooks

Although Bill Britton, George Warnock, George Hawtin, Edward Bounds and others were the early days of the internet. We realised in the late 90s that there was going to be a shift from Desk tops to mobile devices. Wanting to be ahead of the game  we began producing eBooks for our own use in remote places on mobile devices. Their writings were not available for certain devices in certain formats in the earlier days of the internet.

So our goal was to keep their writings available in their original text, here on this site so to have the broadest accessibility across various devices and format. We did not want these precious writings lost because of a shift in the devices currently available in the digital age.

Some eBooks on this website are at at small cost, mostly from friends in the ministry who wanted their work published in various formats such as PDF, Amazon paper back, Kindle.

Lampstand Communication