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After many years working as a mariner and sea captain I now serve as a Co-Elder in a Church family situated in Central Victorian highlands of Australia. Whilst working as a mariner I took one of the very early laptops to sea with me to understand the technological change that was coming. There are many areas in internet technology in which one can be come proficient. Not having the opportunity to be taught coding at school, I began tinkering with early web design software as a hobby. I built a personal website and before long local businesses in the area approached me to build websites for them. This grew over a five year period to the point where I recognised the potential to have a post maritime career.

Due to demand I created my own domain name registration and web hosting company, Kanga Hosting Australia, which became my avenue to retire from a lengthy maritime career. I owned and managed Kanga Hosting Australia for many years before selling it. During this time I moved to Broome Western Australia and lectured in Maritime studies at the local technical and further education college (TAFE), managing both tasks at the same time honed my skills in IT.

Whilst in Broome I was approached to minister at an international conference of church leaders. This was the beginning of a new relationship with an international apostolic family who had a deeper understanding about purpose and the Kingdom of God as Jesus preached.
As part of this international Apostolic family now, I travel the world both ministering and recording the Gospel of the Kingdom that the spiritual family carries. Part of my mandate is to distribute this message to disciples through out the world using internet age as the medium. This “Apostolic Kingdom Fathering Age” the church now finds itself in, is transmitted in both audio and video via our Members Area to all who have ears to hear.
PS. I am still tinkering….!

Michael and Jennifer Avery

Michael and Jennifer Avery

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