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Migration is a free eBook download by Pastor Maxwell E. Ogaga from Nigeria – The ministry of the prophet in both the Old and New testaments was not just to call phone numbers out, discern problems or prophesy fear-based prophecies as is prevalent today. One of the key functions of the prophet or the role of the prophetic in the scriptures as ordained by God is to download the mind and purposes of God for a particular season. This will enable God’s children to know what the Lord requires of them in order to fully participate in birthing these revealed purposes....


Apostolic Upgrade and Migration

Apostolic Upgrade and Migration is a 39 page eBook by Pastor Maxwell E. Ogaga from Nigeria – ISBN: 978-1-7180200-1-6 : There is a global phenomenon that is taking place within the Church, and many are declaring it’s a New Season, and God is doing a New Thing and Change is mandatory for us to migrate into the fullness of what the Father is doing. However, many do not have a revelation of this new season to know what God is doing, and as a result there is still mixture within the things that God is doing in this season, because...


The Seed Company

The Seed Company is a 39 page eBook by Pastor Maxwell E. Ogaga from Nigeria – ISBN: 978-1-7180089-3-9 : We are living in the time of global transformation. It is undeniable that the greatest move of God since Pentecost is now taking place in the global Church. God has called His Church (Ecclesia-the called out ones) to manifest on the earth. There is swiftness in the Spirit for the seed of Christ to produce effectively on the earth. These individuals are configured to challenge “cunningly devised fables” and destroy Babylonian systems and religious practices that kept the church in bondage...