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Video log of pertinent Kingdom of God messages and teachings from an international family of ministers past and present who preach about God’s Kingdom, and the return of the King and His Kingdom.


Bill Britton The Altar of Incense

Bill Britton The Altar of Incense, The Altar of Incense is a sacred object mentioned in the Bible, specifically in the Book of Exodus and the Book of Leviticus. It was one of the articles of furniture placed inside the Tabernacle, which was a portable sanctuary used by the Israelites during their time in the wilderness. According to the biblical descriptions, the Altar of Incense was made of acacia wood and covered in gold. It had a square shape, measuring a cubit in length, width, and height (around 18 inches...


Bill Britton The Melchizidec Priesthood

Bill Britton The Melchizidec Priesthood, “There is authority in the word of a king”. In the Levitical order, kings could not intrude into the priest’s office, and priests could not sit on the throne. Levi produced the priests, and Judah produced the kings. But a new order has arisen in Jesus Christ. He is a king-priest. And He has made us a kingdom of priests, a “royal priesthood”. Revelation 1:6 and 5:10 tell us that he hath made us unto our God kings and priests, and we shall reign on...


Bill Britton Lucifer the Shining One

Bill Britton Lucifer the Shining One, When God speaks of “the beginning”, He is speaking of the originating point of the subject in question. For example, it was “in the beginning” that He made the heaven and the earth. That is, these things had their origin in Him, and they were his workmanship from the beginning of their creation. It, no doubt, seems foolish even to attempt to clarify so obvious a point. There is nothing at all to understanding the meaning of “in the beginning.” It means just what...


Bill Britton The Completed Body of Christ

Bill Britton The Completed Body of Christ, The Body of Christ refers to the collective group of believers in Jesus Christ, who are considered to be spiritually connected and united as a single organism. This concept is based on the teachings of the New Testament in the Bible, particularly in the letters written by the apostle Paul. (Bill Britton) According to these teachings, when an individual accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they become part of the Body of Christ, which is also referred to as the Church. This...


Kingdom Administration by Travis Ripley

Kingdom Administration by Travis Ripley. Kingdom administration refers to the management and governance of a kingdom or sovereign state. It involves the organization and coordination of various administrative functions to ensure the smooth functioning of the kingdom and the welfare of its subjects. Key aspects of kingdom administration include: 1. Leadership: The administration is typically led by a monarch or a royal family, who hold ultimate decision-making authority and provide leadership to the kingdom. 2. Government Structure: A well-defined government structure is established to divide administrative responsibilities and ensure efficient...


Fathers and Sons by Travis Ripley

Fathers and Sons by Travis Ripley, In many religious and spiritual traditions, the concept of spiritual fathers and sons refers to a relationship between a spiritual mentor or guide (the father) and their disciples or followers (the sons). This relationship is often based on mutual trust, respect, and a commitment to spiritual growth and development. Spiritual fathers are seen as experienced and knowledgeable individuals who have attained a higher level of spiritual understanding and wisdom. They serve as guides, teachers, and role models for their spiritual sons, offering guidance, mentoring,...