Affiliate Terms

Greetings, thank you for your interest in the Lampstand Communication Affiliate Program and our terms. We are very excited to have you on board, but first it’s important that we outline the details of the Lampstand Communication Affiliate Agreement. The purpose of this Agreement is not to bog you down with rules but to make sure that both you the Affiliate and our company have a clear understanding of what is permitted and acceptable. This way, we don’t have to email you later on to tell you to stop doing something because you didn’t realize it wasn’t allowed. That wastes our time but it also wastes your time. The purpose of this Agreement is to set out how the Lampstand Affiliate Program works, what Lampstand’s roles and responsibilities are and what they are not, how you the Affiliate will be paid commission by what your roles and responsibilities as an Affiliate are.

This Agreement has been designed to protect both Lampstand Communication and Affiliates of Lampstand Communication. Please read carefully and if you have any questions, please email us at affiliates (at) or use the customer support form.

Affilate Main Points

  • Affiliates must not send unsolicited emails and must comply with CAN-SPAM.
  • Affiliates must not bid on terms or names that are our trademarked terms or names outlined in this Agreement including Lampstand Communication, Lampstand, and any misspellings or variations of our terms or names.
  • Affiliates must not publish or link to Lampstand Communication from adult, gambling or offensive websites.
  • Affiliates must not register and or use domains with the wording ‘Lampstand Communication’ or any similar term contained within such domains.
  • Affiliates must not disparage or misrepresent Lampstand Communication in anyway, in particular using words like “scam” or “rip-off”.
  • Affiliates must not bid on or otherwise attempt to acquire any rights in any Lampstand Communication copyrights, service-marks or trademarks.
  • Affiliates must not promote Lampstand Communication on any sites with inappropriate content.
  • Affiliate must accept the terms of this Agreement by clicking “I ACCEPT” at the end of this agreement before creating an account that enables Affiliate to participate in the Affiliate Program.
  • Affiliate is deemed to have accepted the terms of this Agreement by creating an account that enables Affiliate to participate in the Affiliate Program.
  • You will be Paid your commissions once your accumulated commissions exceed $100 AUD and will be paid into your nominated PayPal account.

Credit Card Payment