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The Audacity of Purpose

The Audacity of Purpose Book by Kingsley Chinweobi of Nigeria – ISBN: 978-1-7928932-9-2 : Audacity is the fearlessness and willingness to take bold steps, it is employed with unmitigated effrontery; this comes as a result of confidence which comes only through...


According to the Purpose

According to the Purpose by George R. Hawtin. Long before there was a world or any man, God, almighty and all wise, planned every detail of the whole creation from start to finish. He not only planned each detail of...


What is the Purpose of Manna?

What is the Purpose of Manna? This unrest, this dissatisfaction, this hunger that persists among many of God’s people is ordained of the Lord to prepare us for Canaan fruitfulness. That manna in the wilderness causes us to hunger. It...