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Kingdom of God Basic Principles

Kingdom of God Basic Principles by Eduardo Vargas of Wisconsin USA – ISBN: 9798612889816 : We are living now in the times in which the Lord is bringing new revelation concerning the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the only gospel found in the Bible. This it is the gospel from Genesis to Revelation.┬áMany ministers are preaching and teaching this gospel and it is my intent as I write this book to bring clarity to the message and also to dispel misunderstandings. This is the gospel preached by John the Baptist Mathew 3:2 and saying: Repent, for the...


So Great a Salvation

So Great a Salvation by Eduardo Vargas of Wisconsin USA – ISBN: 978 1 090132482 : There are many topics found in the Holy Scriptures and the topic most talked about is salvation. It is my desire that through this book, the topic of salvation might be understood with more clarity. I believe salvation is the initial step in our walk with God for those who have been called by the Lord. I am aware that many books have already been written re-garding salvation and I know that this is the topic that is the most preached and taught in...