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Two Realms

Think on These Things by George Hawtin. Man is a triune being – spirit, soul and body. The spirit is the realm of God consciousness, the soul is the realm of self-consciousness, and the body is the realm of sense conscious-ness. Man in his fallen state speaks of himself as body, soul, and spirit, but God always refers to him as spirit, soul and body. The reason for this reversal of terms becomes evident when we understand that man looks only at the visible and temporal, beyond which he cannot see, while God looks at the spiritual and eternal, which though...


The Cross of Christ and its Eternal Significance

The Cross of Christ and its Eternal Significance by George R. Hawtin Almighty Lord, in whom dwelleth the wisdom and knowledge of the universe, flood Thou my soul with understanding from above. Open now my eyes that I may plainly behold secrets of truth long hidden in Thee. Remove the darkling veil from my heart that light divine may shine upon me, and grant to my spirit the breath of inspiration that I may understand the truths that are written here. Amen! “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same...