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Two Realms

Think on These Things by George Hawtin. Man is a triune being – spirit, soul and body. The spirit is the realm of God consciousness, the soul is the realm of self-consciousness, and the body is the realm of sense conscious-ness....


Learning from Illustrious Men

Learning from Illustrious Men by George Hawtin. Our relationship to Jesus Christ will be mightily enhanced as we give heed to a great line of our illustrious forefathers, who through their immovable faith in God subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained...


The Cross of Christ and its Eternal Significance

The Cross of Christ and its Eternal Significance by George R. Hawtin Almighty Lord, in whom dwelleth the wisdom and knowledge of the universe, flood Thou my soul with understanding from above. Open now my eyes that I may plainly behold...