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I work as a child and maternal health nurse in Northern Victoria, Australia. Have a passion for the Word whilst doing life with Michael my darling husband. Comments are ethusiastically welcomed below via the "Leave a Reply" form.

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  1. James Rabb sr says:

    Great revelation truths, very Inspiring.

  2. Bruce Walker says:

    What a wonderful resource-Enjoying your library

  3. Robin Pegg says:

    I have read all of George R Hawtins books and have copies myself. I do not understand how you say that within these books God is no longer doing these things to His Church? I realy appreciate your work by the way of giving the world this opportunity to read them still.
    Though dated the essence of these books prophecy exactly what God is doing in His Church yesterday, today and to come.
    Please take time to explain to me what other work God is currently doing as l would be extremely interested to know your condensed view from our Lord. As all l can see that on the whole apart from a remnant is that He is allowing them to remain apostate?
    Thank you very much.

    • Michael says:

      The body of Christ is greatly perplexed at the moment with the great transition that is currently underway in the Body of Christ. One way of expressing the current move is going from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age. Another way of expressing the change that the Lord is putting us through is “we are no longer Going to Church but Becoming the Church” . The Apostolic Kingdom Fathering Age of God is the current Body of Christ season.

  4. Robin Pegg says:

    Every George Hawtin book is gem which every Christian should take their time to read and absorb its precious truth into their being through The Holy Spirit who lives amidst its pages.

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