Word for those who have stood the test of time

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  1. Pierina Lloyd says:

    Yea and Amen !!! The Lord watches over His word through His prophets to be read as this post has just been read at a time such as this. Thank you Phyllis Ford for this prophetic word that concisely sums up and witnesses to my spirit, what i have sensed the Lord speak to me concerning my personal journey and the expectation of my heart through many tears and even wondering if the jigsaw of my life would ever come together. Praise God, He is the author and finisher of our faith and He is completing the jigsaw of my physical and emotional journey piece by piece.
    A new year 2016 = 9 ( Amos 9 ) which represents completeness, finality. ( Amos 9-13-15)
    This scripture blesses and encourages my heart. Completeness and blessings everywhere i look, like wine pouring the mountains and hills. The Lord will make everything right again for His people who have stood the Test of time. Test being the word for the blessing to come. Thank you Lord for Your Word, thank you that You perform your word to the hearts for which it has been sent and for Your Prophets who speak, write and declare Your word. Thank you Michael

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