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After many years working as a mariner and sea captain I began tinkering with early web design and linux web hosting servers whilst on leave. It turned into a post maritime career option. I now serve as a Co-Elder in a Church family situated in Central Highlands of Victoria Australia. Comments are enthusiastically welcomed below via the "Leave a Reply" form. PS. I am still tinkering....!

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  1. C. Carroll says:

    First Heresy is quoting A. W. Tozer.
    Second Heresy is exploitation and glorification of prophets.
    Third Heresy is that we do not boast in our gifts.
    We boast in The Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Bill Harper says:

    I am 77 years old and I can relate to this message to a very great extent. While others are expecting to be “raptured” I am well aware of the many scriptures that warn us that “all who will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” I see the worthlessness of the American dollar and I understand that the time of the “mark of the beast” is nearly upon us. I understand that the fourth kingdom of the dream which Daniel interpretted for Nebuchadnezzar in the second chapter of Daniel is the Roman Empire which is now the iron mingled with the clay and has even been called the “Holy Roman Empire,” and the stone which beats on it’s feet and destroys the four kingdoms is the “true Kingdom of God” through Jesus Christ our Lord. As our Muslim President of the USA (Ungodly Sodom called America) is pushing for more and more acceptance of Sodomy and abortion, he is like Balaam who taught Balac to cast a stumbling block before the Children of Israel, and I have been burdened with these things for the last year or so, but find few people who are willing to listen to, or accept the truths which God has shown me concerning these things. This is not the nation I was born into where there were very few divorces, businesses were closed one day a week so people could worship, and Holiness was being taught in many churches. No, the end is coming upon us and instead of preacher preparing their congregations to stand through the persecution which is to come, they are telling them they will “be raptured. Yes, I can relate to this message. Bill Harper

  3. Lori says:

    This article wrings tears from my heart. Someone understands.

  4. Earl Wiggins says:

    Wow! I definitely know a prophetic savant.

  5. MaryAnn says:

    This is how I felt for years but never had the words to explain it. Thank you so much for this amazing article. So blessed/ In the love of Christ Jesus, MaryAnn

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