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Bible Study Book of Ezekiel Part 16

Children eating Pastors, Bible Study Book of Ezekiel Part 16 by Bill Britton series that is still relevant for todays disciples. These messages were first recorded in the early 1980’s on reel to reel, then transferred to cassette and lately digitised. We now make this series conveniently available for modern mobile streaming devices for podcasting, just subscribe on our Podcast pages. Some of the truths found in this series are timeless and worth an investment of...


Feed My Sheep

Feed My Sheep by George H. Warnock,¬†As the title of this book would suggest, it is an appeal especially to those who are called of God to minister to the “sheep of His pasture.” But we would encourage the sheep to read it also, for they need to know the things that are written here. Besides, as we shall observe later on, there is no difference between a sheep and a shepherd, as far as their...