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The Earth and The World

The Earth and The World : The WORLD if you read scriptures very carefully is a spiritual dimension. The EARTH is the natural realm. Nations and Kingdoms of the EARTH are currently under rule by a spiritual realm known in the bible as the WORLD (The demonic realm). Many places in the word of God the two meanings/words are used in the same sentence or phrase. Hence they are two different things. If you can get this revelation in your mind and spirit, the Bible will come alive all over again for you. 1 Samuel 2:8 He raiseth up the poor out of...


Kingdoms of this World

Kingdoms of the World : Some years ago I received the teaching about the need for the Christ (body of the Lord Jesus) to invade the 7 spheres of influence (Kingdoms) in the world. Revelation 13:15 shows us that the kingdoms of the world that have been influenced by the kingdom of darkness are to become the kingdom’s of The Lord, and of His Christ. This can’t happen until there is judgement by God’s authority. To exercise this God given authority His appointed ones must first be positioned into one of the 7 mountains ie Government, Media, Arts and Entertainment, Family, Religion,...