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The Hyssop that Springeth out of the Wall

The Hyssop that Springeth out of the Wall by George H. Warnock, Many times I have discovered the will of God to be just as simple as this. I think our main problem with the will of God is the thought that God only cares about the great and the mighty happenings… everything else we fret and strive about ourselves. We have to come to that place when the will of God is like the air we breathe… it just comes naturally as we desire to serve Him and obey the still small voice of His Spirit, And so I walk...


Purposes of God India Part 1

Purposes of God for India Part 1: Lampstand Gospel of the Kingdom podcast by Patrick Sookwah. He was the leader of an Apostolic team to Tamilnadu India March 2011. Your prayerful support in for Patrick Sookwah was much appreciated. A gathering of selected pastors who attended at the conference were equipped in Christ in a new way. We are looking forward to spreading the the Gospel of the Kingdom message throughout India. All Mp3 files are recorded in parts up to 90 minutes in duration and a series may include multiple files. Our recordings can be played on any type of PC,...