Revival Fire Bendigo Part 5


After many years working as a mariner and sea captain I began tinkering with early web design and linux web hosting servers whilst on leave. It turned into a post maritime career option. I now serve as a Co-Elder in a Church family situated in Central Highlands of Victoria Australia. Comments are enthusiastically welcomed below via the "Leave a Reply" form. PS. I am still tinkering....!

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  1. Carmen Boney says:

    Hello Michael, I have seen parts 3 and 4 of the videos. Let me encourage you as you take up the challenge of announcing God’s desire to His people. I trust that ears are open, eyes see, and hearts respond to the prophetic cry.

    I am not sure I like the term ‘REVIVAL’ since it often indicates a desire to return to old patterns and religious mindsets, when God is trying to get us to move on. ‘RESTORATION’ might be a better term. GOD is doing something NEW and we need to adhere to it as though it is His LAW..(His WILL,WISH & DESIRE)

    For not following His directive, He is reaching out to His People once again. REPENTANCE is the 1st step…
    Humble one’s self, pray, seek His face, and turn toward Him, ; away from their WICKED WAYS…Then He will hear etc. as you shared …wicked ways could be just not giving heed to his word and continuing with our programs.( Before God does anything, He reveals them through His servants, the prophets Amos 3:7) If we despise .the vessels He uses, we abort the word. May the merciful God help us! KEEP ANNOUNCING and BRINGING TO REMEMBRANCE THE CONFIRMED WORDS…IF ANY TWO ON EARTH AGREES AS TOUCHING…The Lord will respond. (Matthew 18:19) Blessings!

    • Michael says:

      Greetings Carmen, I agree with you totally with your comment about the title of the cry. However I ask when you have the time to start from Part 1 in the Vlog section were I explain the “Revival Fire” that has been available to Bendigo and others for some time. Also I am also being a little bit cheeky in titling the videos with ‘REVIVAL” rather than “REPENTANCE” I have found in my WEB statistics that God’s people are more likely to click on “REVIVAL” than “REPENTANCE”. So in saying that I agree totally, it is a new day and we cannot return to old patterns that have failed the Body of Christ in the past and not produced that which the Lord is looking for in is people. Thanks so much for encouraging feedback. Regards to you and your family Michael.

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