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Kingdom Sermons Resource Store, current teaching for todays digitally armed disciples.

PDF eBooks in release order
PDF eBooks available for immediate download. eBooks can be viewed on any device. eBooks developed and published by Lampstand for friends in the ministry. Sign up on our email subscription list at the bottom of this page and receive 8 free eBooks on the topic of prayer. Enjoy the experience of PDF book and learn about the Kingdom of God.
Mp3 teaching in release order
MP3 audio files, available for immediate electronic download. All series are recorded in parts up to 90 minutes in duration and may include mutiple parts. Our recordings suit any type of PC, Laptop, Android or Mac. Import the files into iTunes on your Mac. Then sync to any Apple device, Mp3's display with graphics and the genre Speech.
John Boney eStore
John Boney was the ministry father in the Emmanuel Ministries International family of churches, USA, Jamaica, Europe, Australia, Africa and many others. Along with the fivefold ministers and relational elders in the EMI family it is where he provides teaching and oversight according to the excellent grace of God that was upon him. Click to view his eStore.
David Clemetson eStore
David Clemetson sermons and books bring prophetic insight and understanding of the fathers heart. His Gospel of the Kingdom Mp3's and eBooks clearly explain kingdom of God principles. Teachings like; Seeds for Season, Becoming the Sow-able Seed, Apostolic Transition, Kingdom Administration and more. Click to visit his eStore.
Mary Odinga eStore
Mary Odinga was a former Kenyan diplomat. She was the Kenyan Ambassador to Japan and Korea and later to Egypt during her tenure in the position. Mary also teaches the word at various Emmanuel Ministries International family gatherings through out the world. Currently Lampstand Communication is seeking permission to have her teachings available at the website. Click to view her eStore.
Vincent Valentyn eStore
Vincent G Valentyn provides leadership to Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries International in Cape Town South Africa. Along with the fivefold ministers and relational elders in the various churches where he provides teaching and oversight according to the excellent grace of God apportioned to him. Click to view his eStore.
Israel Onoriobe eStore
Israel Onoriobe there come a new fresh fire of revelation, a great hunger for the impartation of healing and restoration within the body has emerged. The etablishment of God's Kingdom here on earth is his passion. Apostolic Strategies for Kingdom Reformation and other products. Click to view his eStore.
Patrick Sookwah eStore
Patrick Sookwah heads up the ministry work into India for Emmanuel Ministries International Family. Patrick ministers to the Pastors in the City of Cuddalore India who heard the call of God to attendees meetings and word. Many Pastors travelled far and wide to attend the fellowship and meetings. Click to view his eStore.
Eduardo Vargas eStore
Born in Guatemala and now living in the United States with his wife of 30 years Connie, he has 2 children Giovanni and Michelle. God saved him when I was a child and called him to the ministry at 24 years old and since then has served the Lord. He is a minister in his local church, also travels to several countries in Latin America with the EMI family of churches. Click to view his eStore.
Travis Ripley eStore
Travis Ripley's teaching's bring clear revelation and understanding. His Mp3's and books explain kingdom purpose for all that the people of God do. Teachings like; Apostolic Prophetic people, Revelational Perception and Conflict, Architecture of Kingdom Reformation, God's Primary Purpose, Kingdom Reality, Compilation series 2008, 2009 ,2010, 2011 ,2012, 2013 and more. Click to visit his eStore.
Carlos DeLeon eStore
Carlos De León, Fundador y Pastor Principal del Centro Cristiano Internacional "Ciudad de las Águilas" Por la gracia de Dios. Tiene muchos años y experiencia en ministrar al cuerpo de Cristo. Carlos también enseña la palabra en el Centro Internacional de Capacitación Apostólica de Emmanuel Ministries y en reuniones familiares en Florida USA. Click to view his eStore.
Mark Mallaber eStore
Mark Mallaber is a Co-Elder at the Tabernacle of the Congregation church in Delhi, Upstate New York. Has many years and experience in ministering to the body of Christ. Mark also teaches the word at the Emmanuel Ministries International Apostolic Training Centre and family gatherings in Florida USA. Click to view his eStore.
Santiago Lastra Morales eStore
Santiago Lastra Morales said to his beloved fellow-servants and co-workers in God's work, Carolyn Correia, Jibran de Jesus Oliveros Carrillo, Engineer, Alicia Gillespie and Dalia Urrea de Beltran. Who have born the burden of revision, translation, editing and other work that comes with preparing a eBook for teaching and impartation. Thank You. Click to view his eStore.
Michael Avery eStore
Having made a commitment to the Lord in the last days of the Charismatic move in the early 1980's. His current passion is to see God's people transition from the Church to the Kingdom age. For God to reach His goal in the earth which is the establishment of His Kingdom, He must initiate a new transition in his people as He has done in past moves. Click to view his eStore.

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