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General website, ministry and international outreach information from Michael and Jennifer at Lampstand Communication in Australia. Also find links and article information from ministry workers from around the world with key topics of what the Spirit of God is saying today for Gods Kingdom people of tomorrow. Psalm 111: 10 To obey the LORD is the fundamental principle for wise living; all who carry out his precepts acquire good moral insight. He will receive praise forever.


Bible Study Book of Ezekiel Part 29

Sovereign God the Fullness of Christ by Bill Britton series that is still relevant for todays Kingdom disciples. These messages were first recorded in the early 1980’s on reel to reel, then transferred to cassette and lately digitised. We now make this series conveniently available for modern mobile streaming devices for podcasting, just subscribe on our Podcast pages. Some of the truths found in this series are timeless and worth an investment of your time. The...


George H Warnock Writings

George H Warnock Writings are now available in eBook PDF for mobile devices. Lampstand Communications have again pursued a labour of love transposing George H Warnock Writings into a format which can be used on mobile devices by pastors in third world nations. The experience and knowledge of George H. Warnock must not be lost and made available for todays disciples in a format they are familiar. It is our goal to keep these writings in...


Tamilnadu Ministry Support

Tamilnadu Ministry Support: I was born as a younger boy of Christian saved family among five children, my parents Dedicate all children for mission. but I have not at all interested in doing mission work or any Church activity. But God has chosen me first for his work at the Age of 22. when no one has come to ministry in my family.i underwent theological certificate course in Local Bible schools and involving church activities and did my I disciple training...


Focus on your Purpose

Focus on your Purpose: The Lord have been speaking to me about personal success in my career, I know that He wants me to have dominion and become successful in this industry. He lead me to the book of: Obadiah 1:15-18. 15“For the day of the Lord upon all the nations is near; As you have done, it shall be done to you; Your reprisal shall return upon your own head. 16 For as you drank...


Bibles for Andhra Pradesh

Bibles for Andhra Pradesh; My Respected and dear beloved Spiritual father,”Michael Avery” we greet you all from Kingdom family members from Andhra Pradesh and also in the Greatest Name above all who is Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ. In God’s plan and with His great call into the ministry and with His Grace We are sharing God’s love and reaching many villages through street ministry, and building God’s Kingdom and bringing new souls...


Treasures of Truth Volumes 1-32

Treasures of Truth Volumes 1-32: Download Treasures of Truth by George R Hawtin. Among the small group of stout hearted men who stand out as modern day leaders in the theology concerning the Kingdom of God, few were more astute and scholarly than George R. Hawtin. Widely acknowledged as a “father of the latter rain movement,” along with his brothers Ernest and Phillip, George Hawtin was a popular teacher and expositor, traveling and teaching Bible Truth...