Light out of the Shadows


I made myself some Mp3s and eBooks along the way in life for long flights and remote work places. " A Labor of Love" Those resources are now available at Lampstand Communication. Comments are enthusiastically welcomed below via the "Leave a Reply" form below.

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  1. Janice says:

    I thank God for these free eBooks. We speak blessings for Bro. Bill Britton and all who have made themselves available for God’s work in this plane and beyond, even the assembly of the invisible enlightened ones who are full of rain water even as a cloud watching, cheering and inspiring us to move on in the path, less traveled yet joyous unspeakable.

  2. Edwin Juniar says:

    Thank u for Bro Bill Britton ebook. This book contain good teaching. Very Precious i say. Thank u Very Much.

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