Eagle Saints Arise

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  1. johannes says:

    I have been the fan of Bill Britton’s writings on the Gospel of God’s Kingdom, since I received a few hardcopy printout from one of my Christian friends who came back from USA. His writings are so inspired by God’s Spirit, and to me they were inspired Truth according to the Scripture. I missed all of those hardcopies, since I moved overseas many years ago.
    Yesterday I remembered of Bill Britton’s inspired teachings and tried to browse in the internet I there are any possibility to get his written teachings back again. And thank you very much that your ministries provide me with it again.

    I just wonder, how many writings Bill has produced in his Gospel of the Kingdom of God, could you email me with the titles’ list? I could not remember, but one of them supposed to be Zadok the priest in comparison with Abiathar priest; David compared with Jonathan…

    Thank you very much. May our Lord Jesus bless your ministry!

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